Mr. Dinesh Neelakandan

Mr. Dinesh Neelakandan

Director- Operator and Business

Director- Operations & Business

Dinesh Neelakandan is a storyteller, scriptwriter, director, and line producer within the South Indian film industry, boasting over two decades of comprehensive experience. With a diverse portfolio of over 100 projects, spanning feature films, indie productions, corporate films, TV commercials, sales videos, music videos, and documentaries, he has proven expertise in both production and post-production processes. In 2015, he established Smoke House Productions, offering conceptualization, branding, marketing, and communication strategies to numerous multinational corporations.

As a writer, his notable works include his debut feature “Overtake” in 2017, “Confessions of Cuckoo” in 2019, which garnered three international official selections, as well as state and national film awards in 2020. Additionally, his contributions extend to camera work, editing, and dialogue writing.

His directorial endeavors include “Chennai Express – A Journey of Life” in 2010 (Telugu), along with acclaimed films such as “Ruswa” (winner of 6 international and national awards), “Mullaperyare Chadikkalle” in 2019 (Australia, winner of 8 international awards), and “Njn Miacheal” in 2022 (recipient of 20 international awards).

Furthermore, Neelakandan’s involvement as a line producer is exemplified by his contribution to the Kannada film “Vikranth Rona.”