2 Days’ Acting Workshop titled “ABHINAYA KALARI”. On Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th October 2018

2 Days’ Acting Workshop titled “ABHINAYA KALARI” is being conducted at Luminar Film Academy, Ernakulam Campus on Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th October. This is meant for all who are passionate about Acting. The workshop is led by Mr. Devendranath Sankaranarayanan, who is one of the best Acting Coaches in the Country. As per the feed back from the participants of our previous Acting Workshops, this would be a life changing experience for the acting aspirants.

The focus of the workshop would be to help the participants react to their surroundings in an artistic, improved and effective way. This workshop will be introducing to the participants a range of possibilities to search their own self with various approaches, voice and speech modulations and ways of using the multiple possibilities of body and its flexibilities. This interactive and fun-filled program will take them to a variety of theatre games, martial and meditative practices to achieve this.