Screen Acting

The pivotal reason one should take a screen acting course is to become proficient with acting techniques and technology of cinema. There is no doubt that training in acting makes actors better. Our course in acting offers training in all the required skills for a successful career viz. script interpretation, characterization, diction, movement improvisation, role analysis and basic techniques. Students are also guided in auditioning, compiling a portfolio and creating a comprehensive show-reel.

Course Overview

Choose the most professional acting course in Kerala

Acting forms the fulcrum of an immense, constantly growing and innovating industry that transcends boundaries, cultures, and languages. The current milieu demands a new breed of skilled, talented, and driven performers with the ability to effectively deliver hallmark performances to entertain and move audiences, not just regionally but also globally.

Our course on-screen acting has been specifically designed to prepare a new breed of actors for the screen, stage and as voice, artists to deliver memorable performances. The direct involvement and supervision of eminent actors with enduring industry experience render our screen acting program the most professional acting course in Kerala.   

Aims and Objectives

The course aims to provide our acting students with a range of skills that will enable them to competently, creatively, and skilfully deliver unique and path‐breaking performances for the entire range of media including film, television, radio, theatre, etc. The course will cover aspects of body and voice training that will aid them effectively in fulfilling their roles during any performative situations. It also inculcates the importance of observation, internalization, improvisation, adoption, and adaption to sustain personal.


The course is based on an eclectic mix of folk, classical, contemporary, and avant-garde methodologies and techniques–both local and global–to inculcate a holistic understanding of the need and objectives of performance. The pedagogic sessions are modular. While based on both established and non‐conventional theories of performance, the course itself prioritizes its application in actual situations.

This is achieved through a daily performance‐oriented classroom session followed by “field” sessions on stage, studio, or public spaces. The course covers a blend of performance traditions from the Natyshastra, through Stanislavsky, Strasberg, and Meisner to Meyerhold, Bertolt Brecht, Michel Chekhov, Grotowski, Peter Brook, and Phillip Zarrilli.

Subjects covered

  • The body, voice and imagination
  • Improvisation and its various techniques
  • Intense voice modulation and diction sessions
  • Spot memory
  • In-depth script analysis and character analysis
  • Folk to classical, contemporary and post-modern methods of acting
  • Kalari, Yoga, tai chi and basic meditation
  • Contemporary dance and movement training - dance, mock fight, jumps, falls & lifts
  • Master classes on Camera, lighting and acting techniques
  • Practical sessions on dubbing/voice acting in professional sound studio
  • Designing Portfolio
  • Orientation and counseling by the masters from the Industry
  • Show reel of the performances
  • Preparing for the world out

Foundation Acting Course - 6 Months

Eligibility 10th Class and above

Weekend course - 8 Months

Eligibility 10th Class and above


  • Re-creation of film scenes from a variety of genres
  • Adaptation of characters from world classics
  • Final scene project in a professional shooting environment, with lights, sets and moving cameras with live sound
  • Internships at shooting projects at Locations
  • Visit to editing studio to observe and analyse one's own acting
  • Dubbing in professional sound studio
  • Show reel and portfolio presentation
  • Master Classes