If you dream of spending hours mulling over snaps in a dark room, or are incapable of sitting through a film without boring your friends with comments about the special effects, a course in cinematography is the best for you. It is the cinematographer who essays the film’s conception on the screen. Participants are introduced with the concepts of motion picture cinematography including both technical know-how and artistic application.

Cinematography courses in kerala


As the leading Film institute responsible for molding the story tellers of the future, we offer fully-fledged cinematography course in Kerala. We believe in unearthing the finest prospects, and nurturing them into top-notch cinematographers.  

This intensive practical oriented program of the Cinematography course will introduce the students to the basic fundamentals of cinematography, to include both technical and theoretical knowledge and creative application in an artistic way. The short course will focus on, but is not limited to: camera operation, composition and framing, lens choice, camera movement, setting proper exposure, lighting, collaboration, blocking, continuity and all aspects of visual storytelling.

They will complete a variety of assignments including: diagrams, script writing, oral/written critical analyses of film, storyboarding, musical video, filming ads , documentary and short film projects. Students will learn to recognize and classify the different film genres and styles, write screenplays using the correct formats, critique the use of cinematic language in short films, apply photographic exposure and composition theory in several projects, act out scenes, and use predetermined steps and solve problems associated in the creation of short films and musical videos projects.

Subjects covered

  • Film Appreciation
  • Photography Optics
  • Imaging Technology
  • Lighting & Exposure
  • Study of Still & Movie Cameras
  • Digital Cinematography
  • Elements of Film Direction, Screenplay,
  • Sound, Editing and Film Production

Diploma in Cinematography - 1 Year

Eligibility 10th Class and above

Master in Cinematography - 2 Year

Eligibility 10th Class and above